Beneath the Allure (2011)
"Beneath the Allure" and "Beyond the Surface" are about the adventure of continued discovery.

Early one morning as I was walking along the rugged coastline, something appeared in my peripheral vision. I turned and focused, and there in the distance through the morning mist, it loomed like a ghost in the fog. Suddenly, filled with intrigue and anticipation I moved eagerly towards it with the expectation of satisfying my curiosity. However, upon closer inspection new mystery and intrigue was discovered as the eye was drawn beneath the surface through a subterranean environment. This new discovery captivated the imagination and pulled me in deeper, taking me away from the initial allure.

Materials: Maple, Acrylics

Dimensions: 35 ¾ x 14 ½ x 1 ¾


2012 Niche Awards - John Paul Goodyear

American Art Awards 2011


Private Collection (Canada)

Exhibition History:

"Crafting Paradox" (2011)
The Rooms
St. John's, Newfoundland

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