"Icons of the Forest" is inspired by the powerful visual presence of the naturally sculptured
standing remains of once living trees also known as "Snags"


Their sprawling decaying root systems still anchored them to the forest floor as they soar
upward; they were once the pillars of the forest canopy.

Visually deafening, yet peaceful, these now epic sculptures of nature stand majestic. Sculptured by the
wind, the rain and the miniature life forms that leisurely consume them, their haunting silhouettes
tell enchanting stories of the aggressions of time and moments of tranquility.

For these icons of the forest, this is now the final phase of their existence, as they gradually
and gracefully contribute their whole to the biomass beneath them.



 2010       American Cherry       Acrylics       16 1/4 x 4 (inches)

SculptureSculptureWood Art






 2010       American Cherry       Acrylics       16 5/8 x 4 (inches)
American Art Awards 2010

 Tranquilitywood artWood Art




Silence Comes Alive

2010       American Cherry       Acrylics       16 x 4 (inches)



Wood Artwood artWood Art





 2009       American Cherry       Acrylics       16 3/8 x 4 (inches)



Stillness of the Sleeping ForestStillness of the Sleeping ForestStillness of the Sleeping Forest